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The sky was blue, a fresh breeze kept competitors cool and the winter whales made their presence known. The outlook from the newly-constructed Event Bowl was nothing short of breath-taking during the weekend’s event.

Event organisers, Advendurance, created a splendid battleground for over 3,000 ‘warriors’ and their 2,000 supporters who came from all over the country to tackle three tough obstacle courses set up around the estate.

It was the first public event hosted at the Event Bowl and an impressive introduction to the estate for many first-time visitors. On a slight elevation and just metres from the beach, the Event Bowl is an ideal venue for sports events, music festivals and concerts. As an evolving feature of the estate, the Event Bowl can currently accommodate 10,000 people with easy access for sedan vehicles and parking alongside the venue.

Planning got underway four months in advance of the event. The estate was a hive of activity with 500 contractors working flat-out building roads, creating the Event Bowl, constructing obstacles and putting supporting infrastructure in place.

Challenging obstacle racing

Course designers were spoilt for choice with the beach, forest, wild grassland, a lagoon and undulating topography to play with.

Competitors got to explore a variety of terrains. While the Rookies stayed close to the beach on a 5km circuit with 15 obstacles, the Commando competitors ventured further inland into the forest over 10km and tackled 22 obstacles. Black Ops competitors got to test their strength and endurance on some tough hills as their 15km course ventured further inland with 30 obstacles and incredible views. Imagine running through the bamboo forest, your footfall accompanied by the sound of creaking croaking stalks, when you catch sight of the tangled roots of the hardy mangroves in the estuary. Goose-bump stuff.

Healthy living is an integral part of our vision at Blythedale Coastal Estate and the event fits squarely into that lifestyle choice. With eight events in four provinces, the series promotes an active, healthy lifestyle, with an emphasis on the importance of being brave and overcoming challenges.

Event Director, Hennie Scheepers was very impressed with the venue. “It’s been a magnificent two days from a spectator and competitor perspective,” he said. “The Event Bowl has been outstanding as a focal point for the weekend’s activities. With the start, finish and hospitality tents set up looking out over the ocean and forest, it’s been a pleasure working in front of such a picturesque backdrop.”

Adventure Centre

Blythedale Coastal Estate is now firmly on the map as prime venue for outdoor activities including trail running, mountain biking and adventure racing.  “We welcome visitors to the estate,” says Sales and Development Director, Andrew Thompson. “In the long-term, the Adventure Centre will be the hub of outdoor activities – accessible to both visitors and residents. Trail runners and mountain bikers are welcome to make use of the 40km of exquisite trails on the estate.”

“We have built a ticketing office and, once the fence-line is complete, the office will operate as a food and beverage, wellness, as well as bike and trail running retail facility. In the interim, visitors are welcome to enjoy a free ride or run. Operators are also welcome to make enquiries.”

Co-developer of the estate, Sizwe Mgenge added that he was pleased with the way that the event played out. “It also gave us just a taste of the type of commercial impetus this development can bring to us and the Dube Community,” says Mgenge.

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